Who’s behind Free Audacity Tutorials?

About Free Audacity TutorialsHi – I’m Carey Green, and Free Audacity Tutorials was my idea. I decided to make the site for two reasons (and I’m being honest here).

#1 – I was frustrated that there was no all-in-one video tutorial site for Audacity like this… I got tired of searching YouTube in vain.

#2 – I needed to make some extra cash for the family (told you I was being honest).

So… if you find these tutorials helpful and are going to buy equipment, etc. anyway… use my affiliate links in the right sidebar or on the recommended resources page, and I’ll get a little change thrown my way. Thanks!

Who Am I?

I’m a pretty normal guy who has always liked music and sounds. I was in the percussion section of the middle school band when I was a kid, and at 15 decided it was time to learn the drum set. So I took my Realistic(c) cassette recorder, went toCassette recorder - About Free Audacity Tutorials the gym when the High School played basketball, and sat above the drummer in the school’s Stage Band, and recorded everything. Then I went home, poked a one-ear earphone into my ear, and learned the songs on my own. In case you can’t tell… I wanted to play the drums really badly!

I’ve been in bands, worship bands, and various other ensembles off and on most of my life. Most recently I taught myself to play bass guitar back in 2010 (our church needed another bass player). I love music, and I love to record, edit, and tweak stuff. And I love to figure out electronic-music-related gadgets (like Audacity). One beneficial outgrowth of that is a podcast I host on a weekly basis.

10 Random things about me

  1. I’ve been known to yell at the TV screen.
  2. I typically don’t like the “home team” – no matter where I live.
  3. I was once struck by lightning – indirectly. Maybe that explains a few things…
  4. I do some woodcarving when I have time and desire.
  5. When I was in high school, the bumper sticker on my car read, “If you love something, set it free. If it doesn’t come back, hunt it down and kill it.”
  6. My big brother quit picking on me the minute I got taller than him. Go figure.
  7. I have learned more from my wife than from any other individual on the planet. No doubt.
  8. When I was in grade school, I rushed home every afternoon to watch “Speed Racer.
  9. At my funeral, I’d hate it if anyone said, “He had such potential…”
  10. I often tell my kids, “I’m a really funny person.”