Audacity Shortcut: Zoom – a -Zoom – a -Zoom.

Audacity shortcutYou can use the “zoom in” and “zoom out” buttons in Audacity if you want to… but you’ll be wasting your time with all that back-and-forth mouse moving!

There is a MUCH easier way, using Audacity shortcuts on your keyboard.

In this tutorial you’ll learn the Audacity shortcut that enables you to zoom all over the place in your Audacity project!


  • WINDOWS: Audacity shortcut for “zoom in” is Ctrl-1. “Zoom out” is Ctrl-3.
  • OSX: Audacity shortcut for “zoom in” is Cmd-1. “Zoom out” is Cmd-3.
  • IN BOTH: You can use the scroll wheel on your mouse in combination with the Ctrl/Cmd key to zoom into the location of your mouse cursor.
  • Watch the video to find other Audacity shortcuts that you can use to zoom all around!


Let me know what you’d like to know how to do using the free Audacity program and I’ll get it put together!



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