Tutorials for Audacity – BEGINNER #2 – New, Open, Import, Save, Export

It may seem pretty simple to open up a file, but when it’s a new program (like Audacity may be to you) it can be a bit confusing. The bottom line is that you won’t be able to make use of these tutorials for Audacity unless you are able to get audio into the program to begin editing. There are two different ways to get audio files into the program, “open” and “import.” The “open” function is used to bring both program files and other types of files (mp3 for example) into the program. The “import” function will ONLY bring in non-Audacity files (mp3, wav, etc.). Those are the kinds of things this free Audacity tutorial will teach you how to do! Here’s the specifics of what you can expect to learn in this video tutorial…


  • You’ll learn how to start a new Audacity project
  • I’ll show you how to open an existing Audacity project
  • You’ll see how to import non-audacity audio into a  project
  • You’ll learn how to save your project as an Audacity file
  • Finally, I’ll show you how to export your project to other formats you can use elsewhere (mp3, wav, etc.)


If you need to download the FREE AUDACITY open source program, you can find it at https://audacity.sourceforge.net/

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MUSIC IN THE PODCAST: Adam Rey at https://www.heyreyguitar.com

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