BEGINNER Audacity Tutorial #4 – Editing tracks in Audacity

This Audacity tutorial takes you into some of the basic but essential editing functions in the free Audacity audio editing software. You’ll be moving things around like a pro after you learn what I have to teach you in this video tutorial for Audacity. I’m also going to give you some very needed cautions about using these editing methods when working with a mono track. You can really mess things up and actually MAKE work for yourself if you don’t heed what I’m telling you here. In this video Audacity tutorial you’ll learn: [list style=”note”]

  • How to use the ZOOM TOOL to get in close to your audio tracks so that you can make precision edits.
  • How to use the SELECTION TOOL to choose the sections you want to edit or modify.
  • How to use the CUT, COPY, AND PASTE tools to move around portions of the audio you are editing.
  • How to change a stereo track into a mono track.
  • How to be VERY CAREFUL in editing mono tracks so that you don’t make a big mess for yourself![/list]

These Audacity tutorials are like a video manual for Audacity, one step at a time so that you can SEE what to do rather than read it. I’m eager to put together truly helpful tutorials that enable you to learn the free Audacity software with less hassle and in less time! Let me know what functions of Audacity YOU’D like to see me cover in future Audacity tutorials! [divider top=”0″]


2 comments to Beginner Audacity Tutorial #4 – Audio editing in Audacity, what to do and what not to do

  • George

    God Bless you on a wonderful job in explaining how this programme works. I am 74 years old and a novice. I can get confused very quickly.

  • TheLords

    George… you are so welcome! Let me know if you have any specific questions!