Tut #1 - Learn the FREE Audacity - screen & basic setup

Tutorials for Audacity – Beginner #1 – Learn your way around the system!

Sometimes it’s a real drag trying to learn a new piece of software. Especially if you aren’t one who likes to read user manuals (who does?). That’s what this site (and this tutorial) are all about. I’ll save you the hassle and show you how to do it with a cool video. Sound like a deal?

This is tutorial # 1 (beginner) for the absolute newbie to Audacity! In this video tutorial you will learn:


  • Audacity basic windows-type menu options
  • Audacity input & output volume controls
  • Tools for track manipulation and modification in Audacity
  • What all the cool little lights and meters in Audacity are for
  • How the main Audacity window is set up




If you need to download the FREE AUDACITY open source program, you can find it at http://audacity.sourceforge.net/

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FREE video tutorials for Audacity are what I do! It’s like a free video manual for the program! Tell your friends about it! Tell your enemies about it! Tell your grandma about it (you never know… she might turn out to be the next Mozart or something!)

Thanks for watching!