Intro Mix – part 1 – learn to put tracks together in Audacity

One of the coolest things about Audacity is the ability it gives you to put tracks together… and the possibilities are truly endless. You can mix voices, music, sound effects, and other stuff, tweak it, change it, distort it, add effects, all kind of cool thing. In this tutorial (part 1) you will learn how to bring 4 separate files into Audacity, how to arrange them within your project, and how to adjust the volume of each track so that they sound “mixed” together. The project I’m working on in this tutorial is an intro for my podcast which I’ve been needing to put together for quite a while. In this tutorial for Audacity, you’ll learn…


  • How to combine 4 tracks into one sensible intro track.
  • How to adjust volume levels to mix your tracks together.
  • How to prepare for effects to be added to your track (see part 2 for the actual effects)



There’s a ton more things you can do in Audacity. Let me know what you’d like to know how to do and I’ll get it put together!


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