Recommended Resources

The following resources are things I have personally bought or can recommend because I’ve used them at some point. Most of it is for podcasters (or potential ones) looking for podcasting equipment. If you can’t find what you are looking for below, or if you are more into the musical end of things, check out my affiliate link to where you can find almost anything audio-related that you might need. And they do free shipping on many of their orders.


Podcasting Equipment - Audio Technical AT2500USBAudio Technica AT2500USB

This is the mic I use to record
my own podcast.
The great thing
about it is that it is both an

XLR mic (to use on mixers)
AND a USB mic
(to use on
computers). It is a Dynamic mic

which means it cuts out most
of the room
noise that is
not close to the mic.
I LOVE this mic.

Podcasting Equipment - Audio technica atr2100 micAudio Technica ATR2100

OK, I haven’t actually USED this
mic BUT I
have heard nothing
but good about it from
I trust. It’s also an XLR and
USB mic,
has great sound,
AND is less expensive than the
I bought to the left. Go figure.


 Podcasting Equipment - Rode Mic ArmRode PSA1 Swivel Studio Arm Mic Stand

For podcasting there’s nothing better
than this
type of mic stand.
Enables you to speak into
mic hands free without the
potential for
bumps from the
table getting into your

recording. Great investment.

 Podcsting equipment - Behringer 1204 mixerBehringer XENYX 1204USB 12-channel mixer

This is a great little mixer for
podcasting or for
a home studio
setup. My mixer of choice. Does

everything I need and then some.

 podcasting equipment - zoom h4n

Zoom H4N Digital Recorder

This is the preferred digital recorder
of most podcasters and broadcasters.
It’s next on my personal “wish list”
for my home studio.

I also recommend website hosting from BLUEHOST. It’s who I use and have only had the best customer support from them (believe me, I have needed it trying to figure out this website!)