Removing background noise in Audacity

Sometimes when you do a recording in Audacity, you’ll get a situation where there is an unwanted background noise that is caught on your recording.

In the example you’ll see in this video, it’s one voice talking over another in a recorded interview. But it could be lots of different things that you want to remove – a cell phone ringing, someone clearing their throat or coughing, lip smacks… whatever.

There are quite a few ways to remove those types of unwanted noises, some better than others, some easier than others.

In this tutorial I’m going to show you one of the easiest ways for removing background noise in Audacity, using the “silence audio” tool.

Before you dive in, note this: In my example, I’m using a “joint stereo” track which requires a small little step of preparation before you can actually remove background noise in Audacity.

I also mention the use of the “Noise Removal” effect… with I will cover in a future tutorial for audio editing in Audacity.

This tutorial about removing background noise in Audacity was submitted by a viewer. If YOU have a question about how to do something specific in Audacity, send me your feedback and I’ll get right on them!

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