Free Video Audacity Tutorial  РIntermediate #2 РSilence Audio in Audacity

If you have annoying little things in your audio file that need to be silenced – things like…

  • background noise
  • shuffling of paper
  • a “bump” of the table
  • a cough or sneeze or sniffle or (you get the picture…)
  • a lip-smack or mouth noise (below is an example – some people are really grossed out by these, so listen at your own risk)

this tutorial will teach you how to use the “silence audio” function to get rid of those annoying sounds once and for all. It’s easy, takes only a few seconds, and can be done by anyone (well, almost anyone…)

The free open source Audacity audio editing program is really not that hard… and these free video tutorials for Audacity will help you learn how to use it even quicker.

Send me your feedback and suggestions for additional tutorials and I’ll get right on them!


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