Make your voice sound like those cute little chipmunks using Audacity!

Someone contacted me on the Facebook page and asked me how to go about making your own, normal voice sound like a chipmunk . That’s what this free tutorial for Audacity is all about.

You can do the “chipmunk effect” (that’s what I’m calling it, what do you think?) by simply speeding up the track – but that’s going to make the words so fast that you’ll have a very difficult time actually comprehending what is being said.

That’s NOT the right way to do the “chipmunk effect.”

You want it done in such a way that the speed of the speaking remains the same, but the voice itself sounds like a chipmunk.

That is exactly what this free tutorial is going to show you!

Watch the video tutorial, leave your comments or questions.

Thanks to whoever it was who asked me to show you how to do this! I’d love to make free Audacity tutorials showing YOU how to do what YOU are trying to do. Just don’t ask me to show you how to make your voice sound like a platypus.

So please, let me know what you need help with and I’ll be happy to work out a tutorial on that sort of thing using Audacity!

Send me your feedback and suggestions for additional tutorials and I’ll get right on them!

2 comments to Sound like a chipmunk voice using this free Audacity tutorial – Intermediate tutorial #5

  • I’m just starting in the VO business. I have built a sound booth, purchased the start up equipment, had a demo made with “Such A Voice” and downloaded Audacity 2.0.5. What plug-ins do I need? I will be using all of your tutorials. Thanks so much for doing them!


  • TheLords

    Hey Everett, you can download all the plugins I have on my website. Which ones you use will depend on what you’re needing in each situation.