Use Append Record in Audacity to add to your track

Intermediate #4 – Using the “append record” function to add audio to the end of a track, and how to insert audio into the middle of a track in Audacity

It’s a common problem that you record a track in the free open-source Audacity program, and then you remember or realize something you should have […]

Silence Audio using Audacity - Intermediate Free Audacity Tutorial #2

Free Video Audacity Tutorial – Intermediate #2 – Silence Audio in Audacity

If you have annoying little things in your audio file that need to be silenced – things like…

background noise shuffling of paper a “bump” of the table a cough or sneeze or sniffle or (you get the picture…) a lip-smack or mouth […]

Beginner Tut #3 - track names, solo, mute, gain, pan, minimize - Video Tutorials for Audacity

Tutorials for Audacity – BEGINNER #3 – New, Open, Import, Save, Export

This tutorial takes you into some of the functions on the left-hand side of the Audacity screen. In particular you’ll learn…

Change the track names Use the mute function Use the solo function Use the gain control Use the pan control Minimize your […]

Tutorials for Audacity - Beginner #2 - Open, Import, Save, Export files

Tutorials for Audacity – BEGINNER #2 – New, Open, Import, Save, Export

It may seem pretty simple to open up a file, but when it’s a new program (like Audacity may be to you) it can be a bit confusing. The bottom line is that you won’t be able to make use of these tutorials […]

Tut #1 - Learn the FREE Audacity - screen & basic setup

Tutorials for Audacity – Beginner #1 – Learn your way around the system!

Sometimes it’s a real drag trying to learn a new piece of software. Especially if you aren’t one who likes to read user manuals (who does?). That’s what this site (and this tutorial) are all about. I’ll save you the hassle and […]