How to export PART of a song or track using Audacity

This one one that has been asked of me quite a few times, so I’m finally taking the time to make a video on how to do it.

Here’s the scenario:

You have a section of a project you’ve been working on that sounds great, and you ONLY want that section to be exported for […]

Putting tracks together in Audacity - part 2

Intro Mix – part 2 – learn to put tracks together in Audacity

This is the second part of a tutorial on putting together 4 separate files in Audacity, (find tutorial 1 here) how to arrange them within your project, and how to adjust the volume of each track so that they sound “mixed” together. […]

Putting tracks together in Audacity - Part 1

Intro Mix – part 1 – learn to put tracks together in Audacity

One of the coolest things about Audacity is the ability it gives you to put tracks together… and the possibilities are truly endless. You can mix voices, music, sound effects, and other stuff, tweak it, change it, distort it, add effects, all […]

Tut #1 - Learn the FREE Audacity - screen & basic setup

Tutorials for Audacity – Beginner #1 – Learn your way around the system!

Sometimes it’s a real drag trying to learn a new piece of software. Especially if you aren’t one who likes to read user manuals (who does?). That’s what this site (and this tutorial) are all about. I’ll save you the hassle and […]