Use Audacity like a mixer (sort of)

Intermediate #3 – Using the “overdub” function to make Audacity work like a mixer (sort of)

One of the things that Audacity CAN’T do is mix tracks together “on the fly” like a regular mixer would do. That’s just one of the limitations. Maybe future releases will enable multiple sound sources coming in to the computer so that you mix in Audacity as you go. However, there IS something you can do that enables you to hear a track you already have placed in your Audacity project, so that you can talk over it appropriately. This fun little function is called “overdub.” I say it’s a way you can use Audacity like a mixer (sort of).

This tutorial will teach you how to use the “overdub” function inĀ  Audacity to use the program like a mixer – at least as much as is possible.

The free open source Audacity audio editing program is really not that hard… and these free video tutorials for Audacity will help you learn how to use it even quicker.

Send me your feedback and suggestions for additional tutorials and I’ll get right on them!

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